Hi, I am Squonk and this is my technology blog.

It is quite modest right now, but I am working on filling it with more stuff, either my own work or just links to other interesting things others have done, products I find worth looking at, or just some comments I have on a particular technological subject.

A little background of my own: I have been curious probably since my birth: At 2, I tried to put metallic knitting needles into a wall socket, guess what happened…

This curiosity led me to follow a technological cursus rather than a more general education based on literature arts or letters, although I am also surprisingly interested in these matters as well.

I started learning about mechanics, but I soon switched to software engineering when I discovered programming on a TI-57 pocket calculator, followed by programming on the Apple ][ computer in 1980. This last machine will always keep a special feeling in my mind.

The wonderful Apple ][ user’s guide contained the board’s schematics, which lead me to develop my first 20 mA current-loop add-on card based on an MOS 6551 ACIA and optocouplers to drive an old Teletype Model 33 KSR from 1963 as a printer.

From then on, I kept learning both electronic and software engineering in prallel, moving down to analog and RF electronics on one side, and to IT infrastructures, databases, full-stack Web development on the other side.

However, I tend to prefer digital electronic circuits and C embedded programming as I consider these matters being the purest as they are close the to Boolean algebra theory, but you may disagree.

Disclaimer: Because I have no idea of your level of technical skill or the requirements of your country laws in terms of electricity supply etc., I accept no responsibility for any damage caused through following advice in these pages. When dealing with mains voltages you should satisfy yourself that whatever you are doing is safe and if unsure, seek advice from someone who is sure.

Notice: I’m always happy to offer advice on stuff I’ve written – and indeed take advice. If I can help in any way just let me know but PLEASE don’t ask me how to program in C/PASCAL/NODE/etc. There are many resources out there – if you want to program and can’t – there’s always Google.

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